Your Family Auto Service Center: Auto Repairs For 18 Years



Harry Ketchum, Mt. Vernon, NY
Customer since 1993
"I like to come to Your Family Shop because I love to talk with people. They are so friendly and treat me like I am part of the family."
Jun Marquez, Bronx, NY
"I have been coming here because of the fast and excellent quality of work they do on my family's vehicles. They also explain to you what needs to be done as preventative maintenance to your car. Everybody in Your Family Auto are always ready to help their customer."
Azizudin Zaharudin, Bronx, NY
"I come here because of TRUST. Rolly and his staff have been very honest with me since the first time I took my car here. That is very important for me, that's why I recommend this shop to my friends and relatives."
Emilio Good, Bronx, NY
Customer since 2005
"I've known this company for so long but I feel relaxed and comfortable the way they handle customers. This is the reason that I've been bringing customers to them.
Rex Albano, Parsippany, NJ
Customer since 2006
"Every time I need maintenance for my car, I have no other place to go except Your Family Auto Service. People are very nice... you will feel like you are part of the family. So I don't mind crossing the George Washington Bridge just to get my car fixed."
Manny Catangay, Bronx, NY
Customer since 1993
"I feel comfortable when they touch my car for regular maintenance. I always have peace of mind when I am on the road."
Lawrence Dimanaran, NY
Customer since 1993
"I have been here since day 1 and I'm very satisfied with the services."
Robert Dominguez, Bronx, NY
"I have the trust and confidence in the company. They are very professional in dealing with the customers. They are so accommodating and make their customers happy and satisfied."
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