Your Family Auto Service Center: Auto Repairs For 18 Years


The Tri-State Area's Top Auto Body and Maintenance Shop

Since 1993, we have been at the forefront in maintaining quality service for all our valued customers in the Tri-state area. We now have updated & modernized our equipment to accommodate more services. In addition to the expansion we made, we have continued to enhance our customer support services over the last 23 years. As our treasured partners and valued customers, we realize that our success is truly reliant on your valuable support and patronage, and we feel priviledged to serve you.

The lifeline of Your Family Auto Service Center, Inc. lies in the increasing number of our loyal customers like you, our dedicated professional staff, and supportive suppliers and friends. Together we keep up the name of Your Family Auto Service Center, Inc.


1975 Amethyst Street
Bronx, New York 10462

Your Family Auto Service Center


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